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“The journey for the prevention of disease is achieved through Proper Nutrition, Lifestyle Correction, Environmental Factors, Personal/Spiritual Growth and Exercise.

Steven Desantis is a sought after Health and Wellness Consultant/Eating of Psychology Counsellor offering a one-on-one,  at your door service for the Greater Toronto Area as well as online and phone consultations for clients across the country and around the world. His expertise has benefited numerous individuals with physical strength, weight loss, chronic pain, digestive disorders and overall wellness.  He is the author of “Back to Life, Back to Reality,” an informational guide taking you back on a journey that will reclaim your health and freedom, and appeared in several TV shows such as Mind Matters and Rogers Day Time Toronto.

Whether your interests are corrective exercise, sports-specific conditioning, lifestyle modification, stress management or holistic nutrition, Steven will work with you to achieve your goals.

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Steven’s road to healthy living began after years of painful digestive complications. At the age of 16, Steven was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Nearly eight years later and following countless testing procedures, hospitalization;  doctors confirmed that he also suffered from Crohn’s disease. The treatments for both of these disorders led to a 20-year dependency on medical drugs. In addition to all of this, Steven was focused on his physical appearance and relied heavily on anabolic steroids for 13 years. All together, the drugs and disease ultimately took a major toll on him both physically and emotionally.

 His determination to understand for himself what was going on inside his body became his sole focus, studying the principles of some of the world’s leading nutritional experts, including Weston A. Price, Dr, Ron Rosedale and Paul Chek .

Drawing from his own experiences and his research, Steven realized that the formula for traditional medical treatment did not necessarily fit everyone and began to examine holistic approaches.

In 2008, Steven studied the principles of the internationally-renowned C.H.E.K. Institute  where he honed his skills to reach optimal health from the inside out through six pillars:

1. Thoughts: The biology of your body is linked to your mind – healthy thinking produces a healthy body.
2. Movement: Movement is life and life is movement. Exercise pumps your organs, removes waste, improves metabolism and cultivates energy.
3. Nutrition: Whole, organic foods eaten according to your Primal Pattern Diet Type fuel your body for success.
4. Breathing: Optimal breating maximizes the most important nutrient – oxygen, removes waste and energizes your body.
5. Hydration: The best solution for pollution is dilution – water is an essential cleaning agent for the body.
6. Sleep: We don’t get stronger when we work out, we get stronger when we rest! Eight hours of sleep each night is essential for rest and repair.

His journey of self awareness and healing taught him how to treat the body as a whole system and find the root cause of a problem. Through this approach, Steven has been successful for himself and his clients where traditional standardized approaches have consistently failed.

Now in his mid-40's and in the best shape of his life, Steven devotes his life to helping individuals achieve their optimal health and is dedicated on staying on this journey forever. “I feel like the healthiest human being on this earth in mind and body. My life has just begun.”