The most well known way of identifying weight loss is the bathroom scale.  Most of us are narrowly focused on the numbers on the scale to determine our progress.  However, scale measurements don’t tell us absolutely anything about how much fat has been lost.  Muscle is heavier than fat so you can trim up your body, lose the bulges and be better proportioned and the scale wouldn’t even show that you lost a pound.  Weight distribution is a much better indicator for results than the dreaded scale.  Paying attention to the way your clothes fit will be your best and safest way to track your progress.  Using the scale as a strategic way to dropping pounds will keep you constantly stuck in the roller coaster diet mode.  But if you work with the right nutrition plan assessed for your metabolic type, one that restores biochemical balance and overall health, you can solve your health and weight problems together...READ FULL


The alarm clock goes off and you act as though you don’t hear it only to have that annoying sound play over and over again. You and the snooze button become best friends for another 5 minutes knowing that the next time it goes off, it’s time to get up. Now you’re up and struggling with time management, racing in and out of the shower getting ready for work and as you embark on the mission, you realize the kids are home and they need to be dealt with... READ FULL BLOG.

The sun is shining and illuminating the blue sky. The birds are singing and it’s great to be alive. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? READ FULL BLOG.


Are eggs good or bad? Everywhere I go, all I hear is egg whites, egg whites, and egg whites. Egg’s reputation has taken a beating. First it was about cholesterol and how it can contribute to heart disease. Then it’s cutting out the extra fat to keep you leaner. This leaves consumers uncertain about the safety of their egg dishes... READ FULL BLOG.

CANCER....Friend or Foe?

So I'm sure the topic of today's blog is sure to get some of you all revved up either to embrace or chastise me for what I believe when it comes to cancer.   

We all know someone who has succumb to cancer.  I lost my father to cancer at the age of 52 which struck a chord in my heart because of his age and the way he aged in the 4 years of being diagnosed. 

I believe the reason cancer has gotten so out of control is because we have deviated away from nature and the respect for her laws.  Nature’s command must be obeyed.  The sad thing is that most of us do not know what that means.  We have disconnected ourselves from nature and life, the way it was intended to be fulfilled...READ FULL


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Less is MORE

I love the gym. It has been a consistent part of my life now for 24 years and I see no end in sight. Getting your endorphin rush is a pleasurable thing, however, being in the gym for hours isn’t. Go to any local fitness center and you will most likely encounter someone trying to put the treadmill out of business by running it into the ground or someone grunting their way, trying every exercise in hopes that he will be the next Mr. Universe... READ FULL BLOG.